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Goa Carnival

Festival Time: Three nights and days in the month of February
Carnival Location: Panjim, Goa
Festive Attractions: Konkani dance, Street plays, Grand feast, Festival rituals, Colorful parade, Chariot processions

Goa CarnivalSoak in the warmth of the Sun; make best loud voice and sparkle under the moon-lit sky. The crazy carnival in Goa knocks at the revelers heart, soon after the new year bulbs starts to glow. The lively festival is organized in the month of February, when the misty days flatters with the thought of beach-lovers. Party fever begins early before Christmas and raises high until it grasp countless tourist from all over the world. Parading down the bedecked roads, partying before a well-stocked bar and exercising local Salsa expresses the long-lasting energetic session.

Carnival History
Goa, the beach state in India has witnessed the ruling dynasty of Portuguese. During 16th and 17th centuries, a number of festivals was brought into limelight by the Portugal and was greatly celebrated till they lasted for long 500 years. Today, the carnival in the State is the only festival, which highlights the age-old culture and tradition. It starts before the 40 day fasting period that presides Easter, the sacred day, which marks the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Parades according to the tune of hippi musics is by led by King Momo and all his subjects.

Goa Carnival Attractions
Goa Carnival DanceThe three-day Goa Carnival bombard fun and frolic, all together. Goans put on best effort to make the festival a remarkable one. They decorate Panjim in such a way that one cannot leave the place without praising the state's creative intellects. Just before the austere days of Lent, people engage themselves in merrymaking. Enthusiastic groups spends their day and night in practicing programmes, to be unfolded on the very occasion.

Goa Carnival falls on the Sabato Gardo(Fat Saturday) and ceaselessly unfurls surprises for three days and night. Parades are organized every morning, following masked dances, mock battles(cocotes) and cross dressing exhibitions. Dances and dramas highlighting the story of King Momo are also performed open-air. In the evening grand balls are organized, wherein dances in red and black costumes adds unlimited fun. The lip-smacking Goa cuisines and local feni go hand in hand.

An interesting activity during the Carnival is 'Assaltos'. Youngsters raid their neighbor's kitchen and perform the fun of old utensils, clay pots, throwing eggs, flour, fruits, water and muds. It signifies an an 18th century rituals, which talks about cleaning home and surrounding from old dirty things.

Other Festivals in Goa :- Thrissur Pooram

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